About Denver Comedy Underground

Serving as Denver's premier comedy club, Denver Comedy Underground is your place for the best comedy shows and stand up acts each and every weekend. Located in the heart of the Cap Hill neighborhood, our one-of-a-kind venue serves as the stage for your favorite comedians, including hot rising local Denver comedians, the funniest national comics from Netflix and Comedy Central, and countless other hilarious performers from across the country.

Want to learn more about how we put on the funniest comedy shows in Denver? Then take a closer look at why so many comedy fans are flocking to Denver Comedy Underground to catch sold-out shows each Thursday, Friday, and Saturday night.

Where Underground Style Meets Endless Laughs

Much like the now iconic comedy clubs that sprang up during the first big comedy boom that occurred in the 1970s in New York City, Denver Comedy Underground offers up a unique blend of fresh comedy acts, heavy hitters, and an intimate event atmosphere that is unlike what you will find at any other comedy club in Denver. With no bad seats in the house and a stage setup that puts the action right in front of the crowd, it is easy to see why so many of our friends in Denver, Aurora, Lakewood, and other nearby locales consider seeing a comedy show at Denver Comedy Underground as the ultimate experience for modern fans and throwback aficionados alike.

The most affordable night out at a comedy club
Denver, CO, comedy fans enjoying a laugh at Denver Comedy Underground.
Denver, CO, comedy fans enjoying a laugh at Denver Comedy Underground.

Affordable Tickets, Premium Amenities, and Hours of Fun

Visiting Denver's best comedy club is not just a great way to laugh the night away and enjoy the finest selection of comedy shows in Denver, it is also easy on your wallet or purse. Thanks to affordable ticket prices that keep a night out in Denver at around 40 dollars for you and that special someone, you can keep your focus on the hilarity happening on stage and not on what is happening with your bank account.

Outside of the most affordable comedy show tickets in Denver, our comedy club is also proud to offer free pizza for all of our guests at each show. When you pair these tasty slices with the fact that we do not force a two-drink minimum on our audience (something you will not find at other comedy clubs near Denver), one thing becomes crystal clear in a hurry: Denver Comedy Underground is not just the funniest comedy club in Denver, it is also the most affordable for those looking for a budget-conscious night out after a long week.

Seeing a Comedy Show at Denver's Top Comedy Club

Catching your favorite comedian's latest set at Denver Comedy Underground is not just the perfect way to spend a night out in Denver, it is also convenient and stress-free. Located below the Althea Center at 1400 N Williams Street, Denver, CO, 80218, our comedy club is walkable from a variety of areas in Denver, and only a short drive away from the entire Denver metropolitan area.

Seats are first come, first served at the venue, so be sure to arrive early after securing your tickets! Even if you find yourself held up in traffic or running a few minutes late to a comedy show at Denver Comedy Underground, you can arrive stress-free knowing that we have plenty of parking spaces available both on the streets around the Althea Center and in the substantial parking lot facing High Street.

Secure Your Tickets Today

Now that you are intimately familiar with what makes Denver Comedy Underground unlike any other comedy club near Denver, there is only one thing left to cover: How to secure your tickets and plan out a trip for an upcoming comedy show at our one-of-a-kind venue. With this in mind, feel free to peruse our upcoming shows by clicking the link below. After you do this, the only thing left to do is check out our handy travel instructions for your area, hop in the car, and head down to Denver Comedy Underground for a night of laughs that you will never forget.

Frequently Asked Questions About Denver Comedy Underground

How old do I have to be to see a comedy show at Denver Comedy Underground?
Due to the adult nature of many comedy sets, we require all guests to be 18 years of age or older. For guests under 18, admittance is allowed, provided you are accompanied by a ticket-carrying legal guardian who consents to your attendance at the show. Fair warning to those accompanying minors to an event; some of the funniest shows can include raucous and grown-up material!
Where is the Denver Comedy Underground venue located?
Denver Comedy Underground is located in the basement of the Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality. Our entrance is on the west end of the building, facing towards Williams Street. If you see a sign that says "St Francis Center Employment Services," that means you are in the right place!
When is Denver Comedy Underground open?
We are open and run multiple shows each week on Thursdays from 7:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M., and Fridays and Saturdays from 7:00 P.M. to 11:30 P.M. We are closed Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.
Where do I park when attending a comedy show at Denver Comedy Underground?
As shown on the map presented on this page, Denver Comedy Underground offers up ample parking to comedy show attendees. Street parking around the building is available to those who arrive early, but we also have a substantial parking lot facing High Street. A word to the wise: Do not park behind the office building to the southeast of the Althea Center. The owners of this building enforce strict parking rules, and the fastest way to spoil a night full of laughs and hilarious comedy is to come outside and find that your vehicle has been towed!
I think I am here, but Denver's top comedy club is in the basement of a church?
Yes! Surprising though it may be, our venue is in fact located below the Althea Center for Engaged Spirituality.
Wait, you actually are located in the basement of a church?
Yes, you read that right! One caveat though: The Althea Center is not really a church, it is technically a spiritual center. However, it is both funnier and quicker just to call it a church.
Side question: What is the difference?
We are not really sure, but we love the Althea Center. A church probably would not be cool with hosting the best comedy shows in Denver or the best local comedy club in their basement, so maybe that is the real difference between a spiritual center and a church. These folks also walk the walk in terms of being kind and respecting everyone from all walks of life, which is what most religions try to teach, we think. However, we will leave that debate up to far smarter people than those who run a comedy club. At the end of the day, the Althea Center hosts a plethora of amazing events, and you should check these out as well if you are at all intrigued by the atmosphere and vibe of this unique venue.
What if I still have more questions about Denver Comedy Underground?
Feel free to email us at info@denvercomedyunderground.com and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Parking Map for Denver Comedy Underground

Where to park at Denver Comedy Underground.

Where to Park at Denver Comedy Underground