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Welcome to Denver Comedy Underground; Denver's favorite comedy club and your home for the best comedy shows in the Denver metropolitan area. Whether you are looking for the hottest stand up comedy acts right here in Denver or driving in for a comedy show from nearby Aurora or Lakewood, plenty of laughs are waiting to be had at your favorite local comedy club.

But you do not just have to take our word for it; a closer look at why so many comedy fans consider our comedy club as the name to beat in Denver should more than confirm that laughing the night away at Denver Comedy Underground is the best way to scratch your stand up comedy itch.

The Best Selection of Comedy Shows in Denver

Looking for the perfect night out with that special someone? Or perhaps catching a show with some of your closest friends and family members is the way you want to unwind after a long week. Regardless of what brings you through our front doors, it is safe to say that we have everything you need to make your night out at the top comedy club here in Denver one to remember.

With shows happening on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights, you have plenty of options to consider as you take advantage of the best selection of comedy shows in Denver. Outside of this convenient schedule of upcoming comedy shows, we are also proud to boast a wide selection of the hottest stand up acts from here in Denver and from across the rest of the nation.

Whether you catch an upcoming local Colorado performer or you are interested in checking out your favorite comedian fresh off of their latest Netflix special or appearance on Comedy Central, odds are that they will be taking the stage at Denver Comedy Underground soon and leaving the crowd doubled over with a serious case of side-splitting laughter.

Why Denver Comedy Underground?

Seeing a comedy show at Denver Comedy Underground is all about blending together access to the top touring comedy acts, a budget-friendly night out on the town, an event environment unlike any other, and the best amenities you can find at any comedy club in the Denver area. Whether you enjoy the free pizza and no two drink minimum or the affordable ticket prices, it does not take long to see why so many people refuse to catch a comedy show anywhere else.

Digging deeper, a night out at Denver Comedy Underground only costs around 40 dollars total, while opting for a visit to one of our competitors can easily push you across the 100 dollar mark. With this in mind, it is hard to deny that saving a little money as you take in the unique appeal and underground atmosphere of our venue is always a great call for comedy fans here in Denver.

Plan Your Next Night Out in Denver Today

Ready to make your way over to Denver's top comedy club? Then be sure to check out our upcoming events and secure your tickets for a show featuring your favorite comedian before they sell out. After doing this, feel free to look over our handy driving directions from all across the Denver metropolitan area to make your quick drive over to Denver Comedy Underground even more convenient.